Hey ladies, let’s race bikes!

Let’s Race Bikes is an initiative of like-minded racing women in Oregon who want to ride and race bikes with you! We’re a group of teams all around Oregon with women riders who’d collectively like to see more ladies out on the road! Let’s Race Bikes will feature monthly progressive rides leading up to spring road racing season. Our goal is help you get more comfortable riding in packs, learn skills and tips from seasoned riders, build fitness and help you meet more people who would like to do the same.

Want to take your road riding to the next level?

Want to learn new skills and techniques?

Want to have fun and make new friends?

Road Racing?

You probably already ride your bike and love it, and maybe you’ve wondered what else you can do for fun on a bike. Well why not race bikes? You get to meet a bunch of new people, ride fast, have fun, and enjoy a friendly competitive spirit.

Why race bikes?

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Tips & Resources

Resources from past clinics

Here are some handy resources from clinics we’ve lead:

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