You probably already ride your bike and love it, and maybe you’ve wondered what else you can do for fun on a bike. Well why not race bikes? You get to meet a bunch of new people, ride fast, have fun, and enjoy a friendly competitive spirit.

Maybe you used to race, but life changes have kept you from racing in recent years. Well, we want you back in the peloton!

Each of the women organizing Let’s Race Bikes wants to race with you. We want to grow women’s racing in Oregon and make it even more fun for everyone. We all have our stories about how we came to racing, and we bet you have a story too. For some it was path to fitness, for others a personal challenge, and for all of us it was the invitation of a friend that got us started racing. Consider this an invitation for you to race, too!

What kind of racing do we mean? Specifically, we’re trying to get more women involved in road racing. We want to see some new faces, and returning racers, at the start line. This isn’t the Tour de France, but it is still competitive bike racing on some amazing roads all around Oregon. From incredible scenery to tough climbs to screaming descents, racing in Oregon has it all. Racing on country roads not your thing? That’s cool, circuit races and criteriums are awesome road races, too. And if you’re in Portland, we have Monday evening races at PIR, a pretty fun way to learn about road racing without hills slowing you down.


Let’s race bikes!