Ruckus Composites Ruckus Composites is a Portland Oregon based Carbon Fiber repair business, repairing thousands of bikes a year for customers, bike shops and frame manufacturers. Every so often a bike never gets picked up, and ends up in the dead pile. For several years we have been wondering what to do with these lost souls, this year we cracked the code. Working with “Presented by Let’s Race Bikes” (PBLRB) Ruckus repaired and painted two high-end carbon fiber frames for raffle. The proceeds from these frames will go directly to PBLRB crew and their efforts. To enter the raffle, you can purchase tickets here, the raffle will end on June 17th. We will announce the winners and total amount raised for PBLRB on that date. The money raised goes directly to supporting the wonderful and talented women of Presented By Let’s Race Bikes. All the details about the frame project can be found here.

Sizing Frame 1: Size 54 Top Tube (horizontal). Road Race Geometry Frame 2: Size 54 Top Tube (horizontal). Road Race Geometry

Warranty Frames carry the Ruckus Composites full warranty on our work and craftsmanship.